Managing the Future Successfully

The strategic alliance of fgi and Mannaz

Leadership is and will remain a central issue for companies“ and it must

be continually rethought in view of an ever-changing world of work. Today,

those responsible for developing leaders and managers face the challenge of

making them fit for volatile markets and evolving technologies. In addition,

the global presence of successful corporations requires development

offers to be available worldwide. And it is important to use technology to

support learning“ not least because leaders and managers are increasingly

pressed for time. The partnership between fgi and the Danish leadership

development consultancy, Mannaz, addresses precisely those requirements.




Quality from the Start


The strategic alliance between fgi and Mannaz, which was launched in March 2015, combines the strengths of two leading leadership providers. This will allow customers to benefit from the highest possible level of expertise for leadership programs starting in the design phase“ and from an optimum global capability during the implementation phase.


The outstanding expertise of fgi is to identify approaches with a high leverage effect to a variety of leadership issues and then find customized solutions“ in the form of viable base concepts, coaching offers or the creation of leadership development programs. In addition, fgi focuses on the role of top executives and leaders in managing cultural change. To do so, fgi aligns every concept, every action and every program to the needs of globally active corporations and also reconciles them with current research findings. fgi offices are located in Hamburg and Zurich.


Mannaz is a global capability development partner, which supports the deployment and execution of strategy through leadership development. With a client satisfaction and loyalty index of 86, Mannaz works with global clients to develop fully customized programs. Headquartered out of Copenhagen with offices in London and Hong Kong, Malmo and Stockholm, Mannaz guarantees global consistency across 50 countries, and in 34 languages. Mannaz ensures top executives and managers across the world have access to leadership development programs“ of the same quality and always geared towards the specificity of each respective culture. In addition, Mannaz“™ flexible learning concept creates the possibility of virtual solutions and collaborative learning approaches where needed.




Two Consultancies - A Single Understanding


The basis for the partnership between fgi and Mannaz is the common understanding that leadership programs only lead to success and affect day-to-day business when they consistently build on the respective corporate strategy and culture. fgi and Mannaz understand that not only does leadership mean leading and managing people, it also means developing organizations with a clear goal: The organizational capabilities of the company should be developed to their fullest potential. Because only an organization that aligns its attitudes and skills with future requirements can succeed in the long term.






Would you like to speak to us about how fgi and Mannaz can assist you in developing and implementing your leadership programs?


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The strategic alliance provides clients with highest level of expertise for leadership programs worldwide