Mixed Method Design

As part of its Cultural Mindset Analyses, fgi Research Institute combines qualitative and quantitative data collection methods in a "mixed method design". 

At the core of the Cultural Mindset Analyses by fgi are qualitative analytic methods: the Cultural In-depth Interviews as well as the Cultural Value Inventory. With them the fgi Research Insitute uncovers the unconscious and hidden elements of culture, that is 

  • values, basic assumptions and norms that are lived within the organization as well as
  • rituals, rules and behavioral patterns that are deeply ingrained in the organizational culture.

A carefully coordinated, supporting quantitative analysis including the Cultural Practice Inventory and the Cultural Strength Inventory increases the validity of the qualitative results - and permits, for example, direct cultural comparisons between subsidiaries, sites or business units.

The results are prepared in a concise, practical manner of genuine relevance to the company. They can then be integrated into presentations, workshops, etc. or internal leadership programs in the company, where they provide starting points for specific mea

Here the fgi cultural studies in four steps.

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