Revealing insights,
farsighted perspectives

fgi Research Institute specializes in researching powerful, often hidden and seldom consciously perceived elements of corporate culture. These are the invisible phenomena and forces at work in companies.

As part of its cultural analyses, the institute examines basic assumptions (e.g. "presence is equivalent to performance"), values (e.g. "internal competition") or norms (e.g. "we don't talk about mistakes") and explores their impact on a company's cultural development. From an external viewpoint, it is able to meticulously examine corporate cultures and strategic questions (sometimes from unusual perspectives), delving deep into the invisible framework of a company.

This work also yields starting points for concrete measures to shape and change culture: from detoxification of corporate regulations through sensitization of executives and employees for symbolic topics and actions all the way to establishment of new, valuable communication channels.

The institute also analyses global trends and uses them as a basis for deriving practical questions and solution approaches for companies.


takes time.
But it
as well.

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